The Hype Is All Hype

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “The New York Yankees hype their prospects, and that’s the only reason they can trade them.”?

Thousands, I’ll bet. The problem is that it’s nonsense.

Every team overhypes its young players; handing out organizational awards to AAAA-type players, or leaking that “scouts are watching so-and-so at tonight’s game”, when they are actually watching someone else’s player.

Remember Ben Grieve? What about Travis Lee? Other guys come to mind; Clint Hurdle, Alex Escobar and others.

The fact of the matter is; a player’s value is NOT determined by his won team’s internal or even external scouting report.  Any decent GM would scout the player thoroughly before making a deal based on press clippings or a stat sheet. It is on those scouting reports from the Trade-er, not the Trade-ee that decides the final outcome.

Recently, prospect guru John Sickels published his Top 20 Yankees Prospects list and had this to say about Jesus Montero:

I know that his position is up in the air, but I love this bat so much that I’m going to give him a straight Grade A. This is a Mike Piazza/Manny Ramirez type bat.

This prompted this response from Ray Guilfoyle of

It is no suprise that catching prospect Jesus Montero is his number 1 prospect in the system, but he compares Montero’s bat to Mike Piazza and Manny Ramirez!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Let the Yankee hype machine begin!!!

Last time I looked, Sickels hasn’t worked for the Yankees and doesn’t negotiate deals for them.


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