Want To Fix Mets For 2011? Get Miggy With It.

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Much of the Mets-related stuff I have been writing about of late has had to with how the organization should be trying to reconfigure and revamp its infratstructure. Today let’s talk about the team.

As much as he fractured certain parts of the clubhouse with his personality, and helped to create an atmosphere of distrust with his manager and the media, the Mets miss the impact bat of Carlos Delgado. The addition of a similar MVP-type caliber of bat might be exactly what the rudderless Mets offense needs as they try to bring back their shrinking fanbase.

So, when the Mets get their new GM, the first thing he should concentrate on is finding out if he /she can acquire Miguel Cabrera from the Tigers. He’s worth the cash and prospects he’d command in such a deal, and would make the Mets offense infintely better.

A lot of people are talking about ‘saving money’ and “proper allocation of resources” and so on, and that’s an excellent long-term plan.  In the meantime, the Mets will have one more season with the Bay, Beltran, Wright, Reyes offensive core, and adding Cabrera could make for a special season.

You could generate a lot of pub and sell a lot of tickets with that kind of move, and also buy some time for the minor league system to be re-stocked.

But what do I know, I’m obtuse.


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