WFAN: Backman’s Candidacy “Elevated”

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Backman’s candidacy may already have been elevated before his initial interview. Why? For several reasons. First, during his introductory press conference, Alderson stated that he was not opposed to a “fiery” type of manager who the fans could relate to, and with his Met background, Backman would qualify as both. Secondly, because the Mets’ fan base has eroded, they need to sell tickets – badly – and because of his familiarity, Backman may be the only managerial candidate that could help accomplish that.

Ed Coleman, Mets beat reporter, WFAN

I’ll let Ed Coleman’s statement stand as is.

Also, from WFAN via, Mets VP Dave Howard appearing on the Mets’ flagship station’s morning show “Boomer and Carton” was asked by co-host Craig Carton about the Adam Rubin comments I wrote about yesterday:

Craig Carton:  So, that little weasel, Adam Rubin, said that the Mets have dirt on Wally Backman that no one else knows about, which is why Wally has no shot at being manager.  Is that accurate or not?

Dave Howard:  That’s news to me.  I know nothing about it.  I’m not sure what Adam is referring to.  It was sort of a bleak reference and I’m not sure what that is.  I do know Wally is on the list, and he will be interviewed.

Wally Backman may or may not be the next manager of the New York Mets, but it is clear that he is being considered as a such.

Let’s be clear about something else. I do not believe Adam Rubin has any agenda against the New York Mets, their employees, or Wally Backman. I do believe that he made a serious error in judgement by alluding to Wally Backman’s candidacy for the Mets job in such a way that allowed for wild speculation. He has been a guest on many of my internet radio programs over the years, and has always been cordial to me when some of his peers have not. Just recently, he needlessly apologized for missing an email I had sent him about appearing on a recent “Baseball Digest LIVE”.

As I wrote this morning, responding to Joe D.’s post on

BECAUSE Rubin is one of the most accurate Mets reporters out there, BECAUSE Rubin is so respected and is the most well-read Mets reporter in cyberspace, it is EXACTLY why he needs to be extremely careful in chat rooms, forums and other Informal places were Mets fans hang.

As a Mets fan, I have always viewed Adam Rubin as an excellent source of information. I have always appreciated and praised his dedication to covering the team from the lowest of the minor leagues to the highest echelons of ownership.

As a journalist, all of the above has nothing to with the fact that he acted, in my opinion, inappropriately. He is not above criticism for something that in my view stretched the limits of ethical behavior. He can continue to avoid the issue, or he can report what he knows.

Or he can issue an apology for casting aspersions on a person with no usable information in an inappropriate forum. As Omar Minaya was forced to do when he did the same thing to Adam Rubin.


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