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Maybe you’ve heard of me, maybe you haven’t.  In any event, my name is Mark Healey, and I’m a writer, a blogger, a broadcaster and a entrepreneur.

You may have seen a Baseball Digest magazine or two in your life, and in December of 2009, I became their Online Editor.  With the assistance of some great people, Baseball Digest now has a critically-acclaimed website and a national radio show on SiriusXM.

Or maybe you just New York sports. In that case, you may have checked out Gotham Baseball, whose print run is now on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and is now a online magazine that looks like this.

Well, that’s just the beginning of many projects I’ve been working on for the Fall of 2011 and beyond.

The biggest of these is,  a site dedicated to Fantasy Football players and owners of all ages. My hopes is to create a Fantasy portal that experts and casual Fantasy Sports fan can interact and access top-flight Fantasy information.

There are plans for a national radio show as well as an expanded site. Contact for more details.

Also, I am looking for contributors, both for the sites and the broadcasts of Gotham Gridiron, Gotham Hoops and Hockey Night In Gotham, so NY sports fans of all ages can read, hear and discover the great pantheon of New York’s greatest athletes.



Easily the most unique online resource about New York area football. A combination of Gotham’s rich football history, commentary and features about today’s stars, and Fantasy Football advice from industry experts. The GOTHAM GRIDIRON internet radio show, scheduled to be re-launched in the fall, will be a mirror to the site.  Host Mark Healey will talk to Gotham’s gridirion heroes from the past, present and future, as well as some of the town’s top football scribes and analysts.




Basketball has long held a form hold on this great city. From Lapchick to Mullin, from Clyde to Amar’e, from Dr. J to Devin Harris, we New Yorkers love our hoops. With both of the metro area’s teams looking to rebuild, it could prove to be an exciting time to get back into GOTHAM HOOPS. Though the site is live, the internet radio show for GOTHAM HOOPS is still in redevelopment. So. if are a passionate and articulate fan, aspiring journalist with broadcast chops who loves the NBA, or a Fantasy Basketball enthusiast, GOTHAM HOOPS is looking for a co-host and online contributors. Contact Mark Healey at for more info.


Contrary to what you might hear elsewhere, there is no greater rivalry in the NHL (or in all of sports, one might argue), than that of the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers.  On HOCKEY NIGHT IN GOTHAM, you get to experience that rivalry every day, as writers, bloggers and fans of both teams have their say. Like GOTHAM HOOPS, the internet radio show for HOCKEY NIGHT IN GOTHAM is in redevelopment, and both the site and show are looking for contributors. If interested, contact Mark Healey at for more info.



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