Me and The Mets Police

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I choose the Mets.

I chose them back in May, and last week, I chose them again.  In the latter piece, I identified three of my favorite Mets ‘net buddies with whom I disagreed with, specifically about buying tickets to see the Mets in 2012. I’ve gone back and forth a bit on Twitter with Shannon Shark from, as well as a few other fans.

Shannon responded to my post with one of his own, and I have to admit, I’m a bit confused.

I have been enjoying the various theories from folks who want to starve out “The Wilpons*” or something. (*: I want to change that phraseology to Wilpons/Katz by the way.)

As I posted in my own piece, I have no idea whether or not my not buying a ticket to the 2012 Mets will even put a microscopic dent in the Wilpon/Katz bottom line. It’s just how I am going to play out the 2012 season. Hopefully by the end of it, there will be some resolution to the ownership situation. However, as long as the Mets are being unofficially run by MLB, I choose to stay away.

Then Shannon says this:

So far I have spent like $1200 on the 2012 season: $800+ in tickets, a new $230 authentic, a $75 replica, a $50 cap and Goon picked up a blue BP jersey for me (more on that tomorrow). And I haven’t yet ordered a road replica – so tack on $75.

Yep those Katz/Wilpons (I flipped it, it flows better) sure tricked me by selling me the 15 game plan I asked for for 4 years.

Then, they brought back the jersey look I wrote about for 4 years.

They’ll even get me to spend more money by having Banner Day the way I asked.

Similarly, Steve Jobs tricked me when he added video to my iPod. I had an iPod but then he added video and tricked me into giving him $250. Then, he added a phone to it and tricked me again!

Boy those Kats/Wilpons are sure crafty the way they offer the exact product I wanted. Stop giving me what I want!!!!

Yes, Shannon put Steve Jobs and Fred Wilpon in the same sentence. Wow.

What Shannon does with his money is his own business. I also can’t blame him for bring satisfied with fighting (and winning) some specific battles. In fact, I applaud him for doing so. But…

Now, I now some of you are going to bring up the World Series thing. I get it. I too want them to win the World Series.

But I’m telling you right here and now that if you sit out a few seasons and then show up with 100 wins show up then I will call you a frontrunner. It’s OK if you want to be a frontrunner, just recognize that you’re a frontrunner. I’m a Mets fan. Sometimes being a Mets fan sucks, but it’s what makes us Mets fans.

Frontrunners, by definition, only show up when the team is in first place. Or maybe contending for the second Wild Card, I need to research that wrinkle some more. They probably do.

It doesn’t make them bad people, they just by definition only show up when the team is good. Usually they come disguised as Wall Street Bankers and sit in $350 seats, but there is a variant of the frontrunner who can be seen upstairs. He’ll have on his Pedro jersey. Maybe a Piazza if he’s in his 30′s.

I know Shannon isn’t speaking to me when he writes this, or so he said on Twitter, but I’m not sure he’s being totally fair to a certain portion of the Mets fan base that may have responded in the affirmative to my post.

I’m not sure I agree that a Mets fan that who wants his/her team to make a postseason run every year is a front runner. I’m not sure that I would classify someone who is tired of the redundancy of stupid and dishonesty from the Mets ownership group, as a frontrunner.

I have spent as many fruitless summers at Shea Stadium as Mr. Shark. I also have that man-crush on Lee Mazzilli. But my unwillingness to “support” the Wilpons/Katz ownership group disqualifies me as a “real” Mets fan?

Back to the owner. His name is Jeff. He’s around my age. He’s going to be here for a long long time.

Why would he sell the baseball team? When you own a baseball team you’re somebody. You’re The Owner Of The Mets. That’s cool.

Wouldn’t you like to be The Owner Of The Mets? Why would you give that up?

What’s Jeff going to do, sit in an office and stare out the window until a building goes up? Yawn city.

How’s it working out for fans of the Knicks and Rangers? Has Jim Dolan ran away and started a band yet?

Is Jeff supposed to live out the rest of his days in New York watching someone else own the team?

Ain’t gonna happen.

So if you think keeping $50 in your pocket will starve Jeff out, hey, it’s your money. Spend it as you wish.

I think you guys are kidding yourselves. Don’t cost yourself a summer. Enjoy baseball….

Given the cozy relationship that Fred Wilpon has with Bud Selig, it’s quite possible that Shannon is right. I have no idea if a bailed-out Mets franchise with potent revenue streams can be achieved if and when Jeff takes over the club as principal owner. But I do know that while the Wilpon / Katz group asks us to twist in the wind while they “vindicate” themselves, I will not buy any season ticket packages. They haven’t earned that type of commitment from me.

Will I attend the Lynbrook Little League postseason fundraiser at Citi Field? Yup. Of course, if the Mets decide to pass on Jose Reyes, my son, who adores the homegrown shortstop, may not want to go.  I’m hoping he chooses the Mets, too.

Other than that, win or lose, i’m staying home.

I understand that watching / listening to games is a violation of my stance, but it far the lesser of two evils. I will likely receive a Mets jersey or other Mets gear for Christmas because my love for the Amazins is well-known.  I will wear such gear proudly, as I do my Jay Payton jersey, or my 1989 / 1968 World Series jacket.

Of course, being the Online Editor for Baseball Digest, as well as the Co-Publisher of Gotham Baseball, I will have to go to work, and cover the team. But that’s easy.

As for making memories, I coach my son’s Little League team, which won the championship last summer. I didn’t need to go to Citi Field to make a baseball memory. Even if we hadn’t won, getting to coach him for the last four years is a blessing.

By choosing the Mets, I can enjoy Mets baseball without having to endorse the ownership by paying admission.




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