The Mets Police: Gunslinger: The Choice Is Clear

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Are you a gunslinger, Healey? If you are, you better get ready.

Readers of this blog are fully aware of where I stand on any and all Mets-related issues. I’m proud to say that one of my loudest critics, the folks at, have nominated me for a Mazzilli Award.

Gunslinger of The Year

The Gunslinger of The Year is awarded to the most fearless and feistiest of Mets fans….

Now let’s look at the field for moment:

Mike Silva? Far more concerned about barking at Craig Carton as the Sports Media Watchdog.

Tom Watson? A good follow. An intelligent man who sees the big picture. Yet, he has a fatal flaw. He has defended, more than once, the purveyor of the “Mets Fans are Rascist” club; Vinny Martino of the Daily News.

CoreyNYC? A loyal Mets fan, one of the most loyal I’ve ver known. Despite daily battles with him, he’s more than once asked me to join him at a Mets game for beer. Yet, he gives aid and comfort to the Wilpon ownership group and their minions, including the Daily News.

Finally, there’s Howard Megdal. I respect, admire and am a great defender of Howard Megdal. We have worked together. We have broke bread together. I regard his work covering the Mets as a daily must-read. But this post is not for a statesman, not for a Editor-in-Chief. It is for a gunslinger, and no matter how much I enjoy the man’s work, you cannot bring a foam finger to a gunfight.


So I urge you to visit and cast your vote. I’ve urged you all to Choose the Mets. Now I ask you to choose me, the best and only clear candidate for Gunslinger of the Year.



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