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The great Victor Rojas always deserves a read, especially this post

The Spoils

Every time I hear or read about a former MLB player passing away, I feel as though I’ve lost a family member. I don’t know what it is but inside, I’m at a loss. I become reflective about the person, their accomplishments as well as the interactions I may have had with them. If for whatever reason our paths hadn’t crossed, I cycle through the memories I do have based on the things I’ve seen, read and/or experienced.

Another thing that happens when a former player passes away is I immediately call my dad. Even in this day in age where news is disseminated as quickly as a flash of lightning, it just seems like the news travels more like the pony express when it comes to my parents and I always feel compelled to keep them up to speed. I’m not sure it’s just because I want him to…

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