Should MLB Treat Jeff Wilpon Like He Treated Leon Lee?

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When the Mets decided to enter into the Kaz Matsui sweepstakes, a lot of things had to happen.  They had to engage the help of the other Wilpon son — Bruce, married to the daughter of Japanese billionare Kenshin Oshima — and Leon Lee, the father of then-All Star first baseman Derrek Lee.

As a thank you, Lee was hired to manage the Single-A Brooklyn Cyclones in 2004.  Jeff Wilpon ran the Cyclones then, and when Fred Wilpon’s pride and joy was faced with a tough situation, he dealt with it swiftly.

On April 8, Lee was arrested for indecent exposure in a hotel after seeking to quiet a noisy late-night crowd that was disturbing his team.

The NY Times’ Lee Jenkins detailed the way in which he was treated here –

Another version of the story is here, including a description — which I can confirm because I was covering the Brooklyn Cyclones at the time — of how Jeff Wilpon handled the situation.

Lee pressed for more than a year, costing him thousands of dollars and his baseball good name, just to get a court date to clear his name. The charges were dropped in 2005.

It’s a good thing for Jeff Wilpon that he doesn’t work for Jeff Wilpon…


2 thoughts on “Should MLB Treat Jeff Wilpon Like He Treated Leon Lee?

    Peter F said:
    October 18, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Just discovered your blog today. Please keep it up, even if only occasionally – you’re writing truths that I read/hear very rarely elsewhere. People scream for Terry Collins’ head, or firing the GM (whose name is thankfully escaping me right now), but the only constant with this long-term Mess is ownership. Give Baby Jeffy a good spanking (well no, he might enjoy it) or stick him in a playpen with Little Jimmy Dolan, in a locked room. There they can have age-appropriate toys, not sports franchises; teams are for adults to run. Those guys give nepotism, and NYC sports, a bad name.

      Mark Healey responded:
      November 4, 2014 at 12:42 am

      Thank you! I am working full-time again (Thank God), so I haven’t had as much time to write…but I will, I promise. Thanks again, this made my day!

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