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The Wave, The Stoop and Moving Forward

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So, you may have noticed the cobwebs around the Gotham network of sites and podcasts lately, the bad news is they may stay that way for awhile, but the good news is, I have a new job.


That’s right. A real newspaper, one that’s been around since 1893, making it one of the longest continuously published newspapers in the country.  I’ve been there since May 9, and am having the time of my life.  Busy, but happier than I have been in my career since leaving Associated Press in 2006.

So bear with me for awhile, let me get my feet wet in Jamaica Bay, take a few walks on the rebuilding boardwalk, and have a few pops at Healy’s Pub (hey, it’s ok, they lost their “e” somewhere, maybe I’ll help them find it), and before you know it, things will be back to normal.

Until then, you can read The Stoop, my new sports column in The Wave.