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I wrote this awhile ago, but it will always be relevant as long as Fred Wilpon and his family owns this team. Never forget Nelson Doubleday. Which might not be that difficult, since Mets haven’t won a World Series since he wa forced to sell half of the team.

Gotham Nation

There are still a lot of National League fans in this town.  If you can show them a clean stadium where they can get a beer and a hot dog and have a good time, you’ve got a good thing going.” – Nelson Doubleday.

The year is 1979.  The cheers from the magical summer of a decade ago have long grown silent.  The New York Mets have the worst record in the National League. A stadium, that just just 15 years ago hosted the All-Star Game and was a major attracdtion at the World’s Fair, is filthy, neglected and on most days, empty.  With the exception of homegrown matinee idol and All-Star center fielder Lee Mazzilli; the once-Amazin’ Mets are an embarrassment.


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